Being healthy is about much more than looking good. Living within a healthy weight range can lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, infertility and diabetes, according to Harvard School of Public Health 5. If you're above your recommended weight and trying to shed those extra pounds, you'll need to change your lifestyle and get motivated, notes PubMed Health. One way to kick start your journey to a healthier life is by finding a weight-loss camp, such as those found scattered throughout the state of Virginia.

Weight Loss Boot Camp

You'll find several boot camp-style weight-loss camps in Virginia for both men and women 13. Glatter Fitness Boot Camp, located in the state's capital of Richmond, offers boot camp sessions six days per week with numerous work out times to choose from on each of those days. You can try it for 30 days, and if you're not fully satisfied, you can receive a refund. Better Bodies Boot Camp can be found in Winchester, at the northern tip of Virginia, about 75 miles west of Washington, D.C. This exercise and nutrition program is for all fitness levels and runs for four weeks with one-hour sessions.

Women's Weight Loss Boot Camp

Some of the weight-loss boot camps in Virginia are specifically for women 1. Virginia Beach Adventure Boot Camp, for example, helps women of all shapes and sizes reach their weight-loss goals through a four week program that runs one hour per day, Monday through Thursday 1. Sessions help you work to boost your self-confidence, help you lose body fat and improve your endurance. Virginia Beach is located in eastern Virginia, along the Atlantic coast, around 105 miles southeast of Richmond. NOVA Womens Boot Camp, located in McLean, about 10 miles west of Washington, D.C., in northeast Virginia, offers a four-week program that's led by certified fitness instructors 2. During the course of this camp, you'll start losing weight, build muscle and can improve your overall health 6.

Residential Weight Loss Camp

If you're looking for a residential weight loss camp where you can get away from your everyday life to focus exclusively on your quest for a healthier you, check out the Wellspring Camps in Middleburg, just 42 miles west of the nation's capital 3. This camp sits on 500 acres and has an outdoor swimming pool, state-of-the-art gym, dance studio, tennis courts and miles of trails. Accommodations include air-conditioned rooms with their own private shower and facilities. The weight-loss program focuses on long-term weight control through family support and involvement, healthy diet, exercise and self-monitoring.

Weight Loss and Wellness Spas

At the Medical Spa at NOVA, located in Ashburn, about 30 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., you can receive wellness coaching to aid in your weight loss 34. Your coach can help you set goals and teach you how to make lifestyle changes to help you achieve those goals. You'll learn how to stay accountable and balance your responsibilities. The Women's Club Fitness Center and Day Spa in Chantilly, just 25 miles west of Washington, D.C., offers nutrition counseling that helps you create an eating plan to help you lose weight and get healthy. You can also try the Nutritional Coaching Program for Women, which includes a whole-food diet plan, online food journal, weight loss classes and specific exercise guidelines.