Arizona weight-loss camps are primarily located around the major cities of Phoenix and Tucson. Most of these programs are geared toward adults. They include both resort-style vacation camps and local day camps. Some of these are coed and others are for women only. There is also one summer weight-loss camp designed for children in Arizona.

Camp Shane

Camp Shane is a coed kids' weight loss summer camp for children ages 7 to 17. This is a well-known camp due to the fact that it's been featured on prominent television shows including "Dr. Phil," "TLC," "Barbara Walters" and MTV's "True Life." What sets it apart from many weight-loss camps is that the focus isn't on losing weight specifically but on truly learning to eat healthfully and to exercise daily. Professional guidance counselors are on staff to help with healthy weight loss.

Chandler Boot Camp for Women

Arizona women who want to lose weight with a hardcore workout might take an interest in the Chandler Boot Camp for Women 1. This is a day camp instead of a sleepover camp and is designed for adults. Members are expected to come daily for at least four weeks. During that time, the camp provides guidance in exercise and nutritiona. All fitness levels are welcome to attend this tough workout regimen.

Ultimate Body Boot Camp

This weight-loss camp is a coed day camp for adults. It's similar to the Chandler Boot Camp for Women in that new camps start every four weeks and daily attendance is expected 1. This camp focuses on using intense workouts to generate weight loss. Exercises include running, yoga, Pilates, strength training and more. There are several camp locations in the Phoenix area.

Canyon Ranch Destination Spa

This weight loss spa retreat is located in Tucson. It is an option for adults who are interested in enjoying healthy weight loss while also indulging in a relaxing spa vacation. In addition to an extensive set of more than half a dozen gyms, Canyon Ranch has opportunities for guests to go hiking, take yoga classes, play court games like tennis and racquetball and go swimming. They offer healthy organic meals for weight loss.

Miraval Resort and Spa

A second spa retreat option for weight-loss vacationers is Miraval, which is also located in Tucson 2. It offers a range of different balance living programs (such as smoking cessation) in addition to its mindful weight-management program. The weight-loss program offers nutritional counseling, comprehensive metabolic and exercise physiology evaluations, an individualized exercise plan and a strength workout plan.