Behavioral Modification Summer Camps for Teens in Texas

When a teen is being defiant or hostile at home or at school, or has an addiction problem or trouble relating to peers, a traditional school or camp program might not be enough to give him the help and structure he needs. Many programs, including boot camps, wilderness programs, ranches and boarding schools, specialize in treating troubled teens and their families. Many of these programs can be found in Texas.

Resolution Ranch

Resolution Ranch offers an alternative to a traditional teenage boot camps. Teen boys participate in group and individual therapy, private academic tutoring and outdoor activities that encourage cooperation, communication and the nurturing of living things. Trained counselors and licensed therapists help teens evaluate their values and learn positive behaviors. The ranch provides services for teens dealing with addiction, depression and behavioral issues such as a lack of respect and hostility. Teens participate in a modified 12-step recovery program, and use the 450-acre ranch for camping trips and wilderness adventures. Enrollment is on-going, so your teen can go at any time. Resolution Ranch is 30 miles southeast of Temple, situated between Dallas, Houston and Austin.


PEAKS Camp is designed for at-risk youths between the ages of 10 and 18, and their adult sponsors. Situated near Kerrville, the program promotes the idea that teens can use experiential learning and positive interactions to improve their self-worth and improve relationship skills while discovering their strengths and limitations. Trained counselors with expertise in experiential learning group therapy and outdoor education lead the program. Activities include performing arts, creative writing, swimming and a ropes course.

Get Motivated Boot Camp

Get Motivated Teen Boot Camp teaches structure to troubled boys and girls and their parents. Designed for teens, preteens and their families, the camp teaches skills that allow families to live together without the stress of a child acting out or rebelling in school or at home. This program, in Aubrey, employs cognitive and behavior modification therapy, and focuses on the family as a whole.

Pegasus Schools

Pegasus is on 105 wooded acres 3 miles south of Lockhart. The program gives neglected and abused teenage boys the opportunity to live, work and get an education while receiving treatment for their problems. The program focuses on accepting responsibility, recognizing when faced with a high-risk circumstance and helping to develop empathy and coping skills. Summer programs include rock climbing, camping, fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking and backpacking. Teens will also participate in community service projects during their stay.