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Weight-Loss Camps for Adults in California

With daily fitness classes, calorie-controlled meal plans and one-on-one counseling, adult weight-loss camps are designed to jump-start your weight loss and get you on the road to better health. Although most weight-loss camps in the United States cater exclusively to children and teenagers, California is home to a handful of weight-loss camps geared toward adults. These California weight-loss camps will help you eat healthier, stay active and start shedding unwanted pounds.

The Biggest Loser Resort

Based on the intense, results-driven weight-loss experience popularized on the hit reality TV series of the same name, The Biggest Loser Resort offers guests a rigorous program of fitness, nutritional education and relaxation. The resort is located six miles from the Pacific Ocean in scenic Malibu, where the day begins with a group hike through the Santa Monica Mountains. Nutritional classes, cooking demonstrations, group fitness classes and spa treatments are also on the daily schedule.

Premier Fitness Camp

Located about 30 miles north of San Diego in the coastal community of Carlsbad, Premier Fitness Camp offers a four-week weight-loss program that was designed and tested by a University of California physician 2. Guests attend daily fitness training classes and receive healthy eating advice from licensed nutritionists. A cornerstone of the camp are daily behavioral therapy sessions, which teach techniques for building confidence and staying motivated even after you leave camp.

Live in Fitness

This weight-loss camp in Laguna Beach uses its L.I.FE. signature program to create individualized weight-loss plans for every guest. Your stay begins with a series of evaluations and assessments to determine the best way to help you achieve lifelong weight loss. Meal plans and daily workout routines are customized to help you lose weight safely and efficiently. Nutritionists and fitness experts monitor your progress throughout your stay and make necessary adjustments to help you drop the pounds.

The Ranch at Live Oak

Tucked away in an organic ranch in Malibu, The Ranch at Live Oak is a one-week, luxury weight-loss boot camp. Melt away the pounds with a program of no-option group fitness classes and a daily menu of garden-grown food. Guests spend about four to five hours every day hiking, practicing yoga, lifting weights or doing core and ab work. Private massages and a daily nap -- along with a strict "unplug and off the grid" philosophy -- help promote mental clarity and relaxation.