Minnesota Weight-Loss Camps

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Residential weight-loss programs, sometimes called retreats, resorts or spas, are adult versions of "fat camps." People choose residential programs for various reasons like wanting a structured environment, having a lot of weight to lose or just wanting supervision while they trim down. You live at the facility during your enrollment, which is typically several weeks. Minnesota has several residential weight-loss programs to choose from.

How Weight-Loss Camps Work

Residential weight-loss programs provide an environment where you focus all of your attention on slimming down. They are designed to give you the tools needed to continue the lifestyle changes at home. Because you live at the facility, typically for a number of days or weeks, this may not be a practical option for some people. These programs typically take a multicomponent approach such as nutrition education, exercise and behavioral training. You receive support, guidance and supervision, and you're among other "campers" who are all working toward the same goal.

Birdwing Spa

Birdwing Spa in Litchfield offers an intensive four-week program that costs $7,361 for single occupancy. It incorporates relaxation and pampering into your weight-loss journey. Prepare to take nutrition and meal planning classes, receive a personalized fitness program to continue at home and enjoy three one-hour basic spa services per week. Birdwing emphasizes fresh natural food with a balance of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and dairy. A sample dinner is spinach Italian chicken, whole-wheat pasta, a corn-stuffed tomato and mandarin orange salad with chocolate cake for dessert.

Fitness North

Fitness North is a lakeside facility located in Two Harbors that offers a one-week camp for $1,950 designed to jump-start your weight loss. The rate includes two weeks of online support after you finish the program. You'll go on scenic hikes, engage in indoor and outdoor workouts, receive nutrition and lifestyle education and enjoy portion-controlled meals and snacks. A typical day at Fitness North begins with a cardio workout followed by relaxing at the pool, breakfast, another workout session, lunch, hiking, dinner and a snack. Some evenings include education lectures. A sample meal plan is not available on the website, but prepare to learn to make your own healthy meals during your stay, instead of a chef preparing them.

Melvin Center COR Retreat

The COR Retreat is an intensive five-day, four-night residential program at the Melvin Center in Wayzata. Its weight-loss approach is geared toward stopping food addiction and overeating. The program teaches you how to manage food, control portions and live without obsessing over food. A chef prepares healthy meals, and fruit and beverages are available throughout the retreat. The dietary menus are geared toward helping you abstain from processed foods, added sugar and white flour. In addition, you'll have access to the fitness center and meditation room. Pricing information and sample menus were not posted on the website as of 2014.