Adult Weight Loss Camps in Ohio

"Adult weight loss camp" is something of a misnomer. Most "weight loss camps" are created for children and teens. A better description would be "destination spa that focuses on weight loss/weight management." There are dozens of these types of programs around the U.S. that blend a comfortable setting with a curriculum designed to help adults take off extra pounds 2. However, Ohio residents wanting to stay in-state currently have one choice.

The Kerr House

The town of Grand Rapids is home to The Kerr House, an intimate destination spa located in a historic home, which since 1980, has offered everything from yoga courses to conventional spa services to a weight-loss program.

Type of Program

According to the program’s website, part of the weight-loss program includes three-day sessions and five-day sessions. No more than eight guests are allowed to attend any session and the staff of 25 offers a relaxing experience where emphasis is placed on stress management, body treatment, nutrition, exercise and self-esteem.

Medical Programs

The Kerr House isn’t the only weight-loss program in Ohio but is considered the only spa-like setting 12. There are a variety of other programs for adults in the rest of the state but many are more medically oriented, such as:

  • nutritional counseling
  • diet plans
  • bariatric surgery

The City of Kettering Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department partnered with the Kettering Health Network to offer various wellness services and programs. One of these is Fresh Start, a six-week program for adult weight management offered by the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center. You meet once a week for exercise instruction and once a week for nutrition sessions and have an eight-week membership in the Fitness and Wellness Center.

Exercise Options

There are also hundreds of Ohio gyms that offer weight-loss programs or may refer to themselves as "fitness boot camps." Adventure Fitness Boot Camp for Women can be found throughout the state in such cities as Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati 12. It is a franchise that offers a four-week program of 20 one-hour exercise sessions outdoors and a one-hour nutritional seminar, with a personal assessment before and afterward.

Nearby States

If you wish to try a weight-loss retreat in a nearby state, options are somewhat limited, as Spa Index indicates there aren’t any in neighboring states such as Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky or Pennsylvania. However, Michigan offers Camp Sea Gull for Women in Charlevoix, which offers managed, healthy meals, supervised classes and a selection of activities to inspire guests mentally and physically.