List of Non-Profit Health Care Agencies

Americans spent more than 30 percent of their total medical expenses on hospital care in 2007, according to the American Hospital Association. People without traditional medical coverage rely on non-profit health care to provide rudimentary services. The agencies also provide necessary care for rural communities. National health expenditures are estimated to account for more than $4 trillion by 2018, and much of this amount will be covered by non-profit health care agencies.

Community Hospitals

The Alliance for Advancing Nonprofit Health Care (AANHC) reports that approximately 60 percent of all community hospitals are not-for-profit organizations. The American Hospital Association reported in 2007 that there were nearly 3,000 non-government not-for-profit community hospitals in the United States, compared with 873 investor-owned, for-profit institutions. Not-for-profit health care is also provided by local and state community owned hospitals, as well as hospitals owned and operated by the federal government.

Community Health Centers

A community health center is a general health facility that provides family care and specialized treatment for pregnant women, children and the elderly. All community health centers, according to the AANHC, are run on a non-profit basis. These centers are designed to assist families who are locked out of the health care system due to lack money or insurance coverage. The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) finds the community center a promising health system for the future. The group estimates that health centers will be responsible for the care for over 44 million patients by the year 2020.

Nursing Homes

The U.S. National Center for Health Statistics reported in 2007 that approximately 1.4 million people live in nursing homes. Nearly 30 percent of the nursing homes in the U.S. are operated as non-profit corporations, according to the AANHC. Typically, non-profit nursing homes are not operated by corporations with numerous facilities, but instead are affiliated with community hospitals, churches or operated and funded by individual states.

Governmental Agencies

The federal government offers non-profit health care under the supervision of various agencies.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers non-profit health care to veterans with injuries and illnesses related directly to national service. The agency estimates that there are nearly 26 million veterans currently living in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

The federal program Medicare A offers non-profit home health services for people older than age 65. This program provided care for more than 3 million people through nearly 10,000 health agencies and more than 3,000 hospices in 2008, according to the Health Care Information System.

The Indian Health Service, supervised by the Department of Health and Human Services, currently operates more than 100 health care locations throughout the U.S. to provide services for Alaskan and American Indians.