Weight Loss Retreats in Northern California

Weight loss retreats have become a popular way to lose weight and get healthy, all while staying in luxury accommodations and getting personalized care 2. Northern California, with its healthy lifestyle mindset, is the perfect place to learn about nutrition, meditate, exercise and relax in beautiful rolling hills, hot springs and valley vineyards. Retreats vary in price and length, offering single day to up to a month packages that cost anywhere from $250 to more than $10,000 2.


Weight loss retreats usually offer full meals in their packages and all of them are a little different 2. In some areas, the local restaurants cater to you by offering special menu items specific to their programs. Some Northern California retreats focus on specific kinds of diets, like vegetarian, organic, raw-food or popular low-carbohydrate diet plans 2. Cooking classes supplement the diet information and as a guest you leave with books, recordings and journals to help you record what you eat, get motivation and maintain weight loss after you leave the facility. Retreats often have their own chefs and pride themselves on the quality and nutritional value of their food 2.


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Weight loss retreats would not be successful if not for the exercise 2. Retreat packages vary from relaxing yoga to intense hiking and cardio. Many Northern California retreats are located in beautiful wine country and near hot springs where you can enjoy the outdoors while raising your heart rate and burning calories 2. On-site fitness centers provide you with round-the-clock access to equipment, and many retreats include salsa and other dance lessons in their programs 2.

Overall Health

Whole-body weight loss retreats have the advantage of focusing on overall health as well as weight loss 2. Many of these retreats, like Transformation Weight Loss Retreat at St. Helena’s Center for Health in Napa Valley, are physician-assisted programs that offer medical assessments before the program begins 2. These retreats will help with weight loss as well as reducing cholesterol and triglyceride readings 2. The focus is on teaching you how to maintain weight loss and health after you leave. Workshops covering nutrition, fitness and mental health are often a big part of the programs.

Personalized Programs

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Pre-organized retreats aren’t for everyone, and you may prefer an experience that is specific to you 2. Many weight loss retreats offer personalized programs that target your needs in more specialized ways 2. Detoxification diets, clinical psychological counseling, and intense fitness routines are among some of the ways you can get what you need out of a retreat. Personalized retreats are helpful if you have specific nutrition requirements, for example if you're diabetic, and if you have physical limitations or issues 2.

Boot Camp

For a more intense weight loss and fitness experience, Northern California has a few weight loss retreats that are billed as boot camps 2. These programs, which are usually not as long as the average one to two week retreats, are meant to get you in shape quickly and rigorously 2. Retreats include fitness regimes like power yoga, intense hikes and body sculpting exercises 2. Some of these retreats are for women only and most of them have fewer than a dozen participants at one time 2.