Weight-Loss Camps in Oregon

With obesity on the rise, more and more people are looking for an effective solution for growing waistlines. If you have tried diets and workouts on your own and you are still plagued by unwanted pounds, an intense weight-loss program or camp might be for you 6. In the state of Oregon, several options may help you jump-start your weight-loss journey 1.

Types of Programs

Weight-loss camps vary by length, intensity, program design and amount of supervision 6. Boot camp programs are generally short, either residential or nonresidential, and focus on improving physical fitness and pushing you to your limits 7. Long-term residential camps focus on nutrition, fitness education and behavior changes. Results may not come as quickly with these types of programs, but they are more likely to help you make changes for a lifetime. If you want to feel pampered while you improve your health, consider a spa weight-loss retreat, which encourages exercise and healthy eating while providing massages, facials and wrap treatments 6.

Choosing a Program

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Weight-loss camps can be pricey, so carefully consider the options before committing to a program 46. First, evaluate your reasons for attending a weight-loss camp 1. If you have attempted multiple weight-loss programs in the past with minimal results, you may want to choose a program that provides structure and accountability 6. If you are fairly self-motivated and just looking for a boost on your health and fitness journey, a boot camp program may provide you with adequate results 7. Regardless of the type of camp you decide to go with, look for a camp focused on education and lifestyle changes to help you sustain your results for the long term 7.

Boot Camp Programs

Residential weight-loss camps are hard to come by in Oregon, but a few boot camp programs will push you to achieve your health and fitness goals 467. Portland's Waterfront Fitness Boot Camp offers a four-week and an eight-week boot camp program that includes high-intensity fitness classes designed for maximum fat loss and dramatic results 7. Bend Adventure Boot Camp, in central Oregon, also offers group fitness classes and nutrition instruction to help you meet your goals and get you in shape quickly 7.

Weight-Loss Spas and Medical Weight Loss

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Renew Healthcare is a spa in Salem, Oregon, that offers medically supervised weight loss 5. The program includes supplements, appetite suppressants, and nutrition and exercise counseling. In the Portland area, Health Plus sets you up with a personalized exercise plan and healthy eating plan while providing weight-loss medications to boost results 6. If you are willing to travel, Lifestyle Fitness in Utah, Green Mountain in Vermont, Structure House in North Carolina and The Biggest Loser resorts around the country are weight-loss camps that have produced significant results 47.