Michigan Weight Loss Camps

Weight-loss camps, sometimes called “fat camps,” are a place for people to go when they want to learn to lose weight while also making new friends and learning the skills needed to manage their weight. Some weight-loss camps are specifically for women or children of certain ages. The state of Michigan does not house many weight-loss camps; however, there are many alternatives for those of you who are interested in losing weight.

Function of Weight-Loss Camps

Weight-loss camps teach children and adults better eating habits, guidance, fun ways to achieve weight loss and the chance to make new friends who can understand what they are going through. These camps help campers to gain confidence and boost their self-esteem while also teaching them to make healthier life decisions. Most of these camps offer a wide variety of sports activities such as row boating, jet skiing, kayaking, basketball, hockey, and tennis along with calisthenics and fitness workouts.

Clear Lake, Michigan

Wellspring has recently opened a weight-loss camp in Clear Lake, which is located on the upper peninsula of Michigan. This is a family weight-loss camp that accepts children ages 5 to 13 years old, accompanied by an adult. The president of the Wellspring weight-loss camps claims that 91 percent of individuals who come to their weight-loss camps continue their weight loss at home. Wellspring works on teaching behavior changes, which includes a scientifically based program for weight loss. Parents learn skills to improve family eating habits and to better manage stress, which allows for long-term weight loss and management.

Boot Camp for Women

Adventure Boot Camp for Women has numerous locations in Michigan. They offer a four-week outdoor fitness program that includes nutritional counseling, motivational training and fitness instruction. They accept women of all sizes and fitness levels. Their workouts are designed for women to have the ability to lose weight and inches in a short amount of time.

Professional Body Builder Trainers

Better Life Fitness is another boot camp for women with a plethora of locations throughout Michigan. This boot camp helps you to lose weight, increase your energy level and increase your metabolism. They are so sure of their program that if you do not see results, they will refund your money plus give you an extra $20. Their instructors are professional fitness trainers and have many years of experience working with women of all shapes and sizes.

Out of State

For those of you who don't mind traveling out of Michigan to attend a reputable weight-loss camp, Camp Pocono has been featured on MTV, and their philosophy is that all campers are treated with respect and care. Located in Pennsylvania, this camp is within driving distance from Michigan and they work to promote health and wellness. The camp is located on a lakefront and is open to kids ages 7 through 19 years old.