Adult Fat Camps in New Jersey

For people who constantly struggle with their weight, extreme solutions might be appealing. The controlled, closely monitored setting of weight loss camps can inspire change in adults trying to manage their weight and drop excess pounds. For adults trying to take control of their weight in New Jersey, options range from disciplined bootcamps to holistic wellness retreats.

Matt Jennings Boot Camp

The Matt Jennings Boot Camp offers a package that includes an intensive exercise and conditioning program, an online nutrition program and wellness workshops to provide motivation and support to all members. The program highlights a disciplined workout but also emphasizes safety through mandatory warm-up and cool-down stretches. Workouts are offered on weekdays before and after normal business hours. There is an orientation for beginners that includes a fitness assessment to develop an individualized program for each member's needs.

Matt Jennings Boot Camp 2428 Bridge Ave., suite 105
Point Pleasant, NJ 732-903-7512

Institute for Weight Management

Kaiser Weight Loss Plan

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The Institute for Weight Management has two locations in New Jersey: a main office in Hackensack and a satellite office in Denville. With the mission of helping people to lose weight safely, the institute offers individualized programs that are closely monitored by physician Anjana Chhabra, a weight loss specialist.

Diet programs control food intake through meal control or meal-replacement beverages. The center also offers lifestyle modification programs as well as a maintenance program to help with long-term success in maintaining weight loss. The weight loss program typically lasts 12-14 weeks. Participants attend lifestyle education classes and check in for regular medical evaluations.

Institute for Weight Management 150 Overlook Ave, Hackensack, NJ 07601 201-487-8010

Two Angels Healing Retreats

Two Angels Healing Retreats offers wellness retreat programs in several locations, including the Pillars of Plainfield Bed and Breakfast in New Jersey. Although these retreats have a holistic approach to aid overall wellness, the program's services are recommended for those trying to lose weight. This gentler approach to weight loss as well as mental and emotional well-being may be beneficial for adults who struggle with issues such as emotional eating or who need a nurturing environment to begin to make a lifestyle change.

Two Angels Healing Retreats 20 1st Street Staten Island, NY 877-204-2544