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How to Reset a One Touch Ultra Meter

Portable blood glucose meters allow people to test and monitor glucose levels through small blood draws. Most of these meters use lithium batteries to ensure a long life. LifeScan manufactures a variety of OneTouch Ultra blood glucose meter products. Battery replacement can involve settings to be lost, so they must be reset after fresh batteries are input.

Press and hold the "M" button (left button) until the time is displayed on the bottom right. Press the "C" button (right button) to change the hour. Please take note of "a.m." or "p.m." in the time. Press the "M" button to save and move to minutes.

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Press the "C" button until you reach the desired number. Press the "M" button to continue. Check whether the time format is in 12-hour time (i.e., a.m. and p.m.) or 24-hour time. If you need to switch to the other format, press the "C" button. Press the "M" button to continue to set the date.

Press the "C" button until the desired year is displayed. Press the "M" button to continue. Press the "C" button to change the month; press the "M" button to continue. Press the "C" button until the desired day is displayed; press the "M" button to save and continue.

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Confirm that the unit of blood glucose measurement is mg/dL. If "mg/dL" is not displayed, press the "C" button to switch to "mg/dL." Press the "M" button to save your settings and turn off the meter.


LifeScan Customer Service can be reached at (800) 227-8862, in case there are problems with the readings.


Always make sure your blood glucose measurement is mg/dL, which is the standard unit of measure in the United States.