How to Lose 10 Pounds in Three Days

Losing weight can be a frustrating challenge. But when you have 10 pounds to lose and three short days to do it, don't panic. There are ways to shed those pounds in practically no time.

Eliminate all salty foods, carbohydrates and sweets for the three days.

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Perform a healthy body cleanse or detox. This can be done at a day spa; or you can find a body detox product at any health or supplement store.

Drink water, and avoid all sugary drinks and alcohol.

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Eat only lean meat and raw vegetables.

Workout at a moderate intensity for at least 45 minutes each day.


Do not stick to this program for more then three days.

You can lose a great deal of weight in a short time, but keep in mind you likely will gain some of the weight back unless you make permanent lifestyle changes.