How to Reset a Contour Meter

The Bayer Contour meter is a blood glucose meter used largely by diabetics to keep track of their blood sugar levels. The Contour meter uses very little blood, drawing from a tiny pinprick in the finger to get its reading. Resetting the meter is required if the time or date is incorrect or if you decide you'd like it formatted differently. Knowing how to properly reset the meter will allow you to get the most out of your Contour and help you to better manage your disease.

Press and hold the button with the “M” on it for three seconds. The button is located on the front of the meter in the lower right-hand corner. Release the button when the complete display appears on the screen.

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Press the arrow button when the hour number is flashing until the correct hour appears on the screen.

Press the “M” button. The minutes display will then flash.

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Press the arrow button until the minutes display is correct.

Press the “M” button again to set the time. The AM/PM display will now be flashing.

Press the arrow button to select the correct AM/PM setting. The time has now been correctly reset 1.

Follow the same protocol to reset the date by using the arrow button for each flashing display and setting each by pressing the “M” button.

Set the ringer by using the arrow button to select whether you want the ringer in the on or off position. Set by pressing “M” once you have made your selection.

Press the arrow button to select either the 12- or 24-hour setting and press “M” to set.

Press the arrow button to choose how you want the date to be formatted and press “M” to set your selection.


During the reset, if you wish to turn off the meter, press and hold “M” until the meter shuts off.