How to Assemble a Blood Pressure Cuff

A blood pressure cuff is a piece of medical equipment used to measure an individual’s blood pressure. It contains several individual parts and may need to be assembled prior to use. A blood pressure cuff is composed of a cuff (or sleeve), a meter, an inflation bulb, and hoses that connect everything together. Knowing how to put a blood pressure cuff together can help an individual replace broken or worn out pieces when needed.

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Assemble the cuff. Locate the place on the bottom of the cuff where the hoses attach. The hoses will connect side by side. Attach them to the blood pressure cuff and tug gently to assure they are attached.

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Attach the inflation bulb. Connect one hose to the inflation bulb by placing the open end of the hose over the connector and pushing it down until it is secured. Gently tug on the inflation bulb to verify that it is secured to the hose. The inflation bulb can have either a lever or screw which allows the air to be held in the cuff and then released. The lever will have two positions; one for allowing the cuff to hold the air, and one to release the air. If the inflation bulb uses a screw, it will tighten and hold air when screwed in one direction, and release air when screwed in the opposite direction.

Attach the meter. The meter, which is usually round in shape, will have a metal or plastic piece that protrudes from one end. Attach the meter to the cuff by connecting the remaining hose and pushing the open end of the hose up and over the protruding part of the meter. Gently tug on the meter to assure that it is attached securely.

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Test the blood pressure cuff to ensure that it is working properly.