How to Adjust Pressure on a Respironics CPAP Machine

CPAP is continuous positive airway pressure. It may be prescribed by a doctor to treat a disorder such as sleep apnea. Usually a person has to undergo a sleep study before CPAP will be ordered. CPAP helps by keeping the airways open and improves breathing. Machines for home use include the Respironics CPAP machine. Its important to understand how to set or adjust the pressure on your unit.

Get familiar with the machine. Locate the on and off button and the two user buttons, which allow you to move into different menus. Find the ramp button, which you use to select the setting you want when in a particular menu. There is also a display screen on the front of the unit where you can view your settings.

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Plug the power cord of the Respironics CPAP unit into the wall outlet. Pull the other end of the power cord out of the back of the machine.

Hold down the two user bottons on the front of the machine for a few seconds while simultaneously plugging the power cord into the back of the machine. This will allow you to enter the therapy setup menu. Press the user button on the right to access the "Choose the Mode" screen on the display menu.

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Choose the mode. Respironics machines have two modes, CPAP and C-Flex. Your doctor will prescribe one of the modes for you. Press the ramp button to select either CPAP or C-Flex as your mode.

Set the pressure. Press the user button on the right to get to the "Set the Pressure" display screen. Use the ramp button to set the pressure your doctor ordered. The pressure can be set from 4 to 20.

Keep in mind that as you hit the ramp button numbers will appear on the display screen. Each time you hit the button you will increase the pressure by one. Press the ramp button until the correct pressure appears.


Don't change you CPAP pressure without talking with your doctor. A specific pressure was predetermined through your sleep study. Be aware Respironics makes a few different models of CPAP machines. Each machine's display screen may vary slightly.