How to Put on a Hospital Gown

When confronted with a hospital gown for the first time, most people need a little help, according to research from North Carolina State University, which reports that 74 percent of nurses get involved with helping patients into their gowns 2. Medical historians say that current gowns are based on versions created by hospitals during the 1920s and haven't changed much in the decades since their first creation. Slipping into a hospital gown can be a little tricky if you don't know how to do it 2.

Remove your clothing. If the nurse OKs it, you can leave on your underwear and bra.

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Hold the gown in front of you so that the open side is facing you 2. Note whether the gown has ties or snaps 2.

Fasten the gown together, either by tying a firm knot with the attached ties or by snapping the snaps together 2. Leave the top tie or snap undone.

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Carefully pull the gown over your head so that the side with the ties or snaps covers your back and the full side covers your front 2.

Fasten the top tie or snap by reaching behind your neck, or ask a nurse to help you secure the top fastener.


If you're worried about accidentally exposing yourself as you move around in your gown, ask the nurse if you can have a second gown to wear as a robe over the first gown to provide extra coverage.

If you're going to be wearing a hospital gown for an extended period of time because of surgery or another medical treatment, consider purchasing a hospital gown.

If you're uncomfortable in your gown, let a nurse or doctor know. You might be able to change out of it more quickly if your health care team knows it is making you uncomfortable.