How to Strengthen the Abdominal Muscles After an Inguinal Hernia Operation

A hernia injury is characterized by a section of your intestine bulging out through an opening in a weakened area of your abdominal wall. An inguinal hernia occurs in your inguinal canal, which is a triangle-shaped opening between layers of abdominal muscles in your groin. An inguinal hernia can happen to a baby if the canal doesn’t close properly after birth. It can also be caused by pregnancy, obesity, straining too hard during a bowel movement or heavy lifting. An inguinal hernia can be noticed as a pain or bump in your groin area. Surgery is usually the treatment, and sometimes the weak area is repaired with a steel mesh or wire to add support. After you recover from surgery, it's important to strengthen your abdominal muscles with exercises such as crunches.

Rest your abdominal region after your surgery to allow everything to heal. Wait for one month before you begin strengthening exercises, says

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Lie on the floor or a mat and raise your knees. Place your feet flat on the floor, close to your heels.

Lay your arms flat along the floor beside you with your palms down. Keep your arms in that position throughout the exercise.

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Lift your shoulder blades up off the floor slowly, hold for a couple seconds, then lower them back down. Progress to curling your torso up higher when you can do 15 repetitions comfortably.

Place your hands by your ears to perform the curls when you feel you are able. Modify the movement when your abdominals are feeling stronger. Alternate curling your shoulder to your knee, or gently raise your knees up toward your chest.


Do not hold your breath at any point during the exercise.

Alternate days for strengthening your abdominals after hernia surgery, so you give the muscles time to recuperate after each session.