How to Drain Lymph Gland in Neck From Ear Infection

Often during an ear infection a lymph gland in the neck will become blocked. This results in a hardening of the lymph and it quite painful. One useful treatment in the case of such a blockage is drainage of the lymph. This procedure is generally safe and gentle and is based on massage used to increase fluid circulation and result in draining of the gland.

Is This an Emergency?

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

See your physician for your ear infection. If it is a bacterial infection the doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotics to clear it. Once the infection is cleared you can, with the permission of your physician, engage in exercises and massage for lymph gland drainage.

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Perform a beginning facial exercise by scrunching up your face. Do this slowly and hold the tensed pose for 5 seconds before releasing. Rest 5 seconds and then repeat the exercise 4 more times.

Turn your head left and then right slowly and gently. Perform this segment of the exercise 5 times and then change to looking up as far as you can and then down as far you can. You will do this 5 times as well.

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Continue to exercise your facial muscles by frowning and smiling in turn followed by a big yawn. This exercise too should be performed 5 times with 5 second rests between intervals.

Stick out your tongue and rotate it clockwise in a complete circle. Repeat the rotation going counterclockwise. Perform the cycle 5 times.

Lift your shoulders slowly and gently up and down five consecutive times. Rest and repeat five more times.

Inhale and exhale deeply for 30 seconds. As you do so, rest your hands on the bottom of your rib cage. On your exhalations, gently press your hands against your chest.

Put your hands on the bottom on your neck. Raise the skin on the right side of your neck upwards with your hands and let go then repeat the action on the left side of your neck. You need to make sure you are pressing very gently into the skin. Repeat five times alternating sides.

Place your hands an inch higher on your neck. Repeat the raising and releasing of skin on your neck as before. This step should also be repeated 5 times.

Massage under your chin with your head tilted slightly up. Start with your fingers on both hands meeting in the center of the chin area and then massaging outward toward your ears.

Repeat same massaging motion on the bottom of the face. Be sure to keep the movement pushing outward to the sides of your face. Repeat for the area in the middle of your face going across the mouth. Do as long as you like but stop if you begin to feel sore or if you face becomes flushed.

Return to your neck. Begin at the top of your neck and massage downward in long strokes to your shoulders. Repeat 5 times to complete you drainage exercises and massage.


Never apply even gentle pressure to both sides of your neck at the same time as this can compress the carotid artery.

Do not do lymph massage if an infection is not cleared.