How to Increase Blood Circulation to the Face

Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to your cells while it removes waste products. Good blood circulation is important not only for working muscles, but also for your skin. According to Acne Magazine, good circulation is vital for healthy skin, especially your face. Several steps can be taken to improve blood circulation in your face, specifically, adhering to a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your skin.

Increase your heart rate with aerobic exercise, which also increases blood movement or circulation. This, coupled with the fact that your blood vessels dilate during exercise, will result in increased circulation to your face and the rest of your body. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. Focus on forms of exercise that require large muscle movements such as jogging, swimming, rowing, cycling and brisk walking.

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Do a handstand. This will quite literally improve blood circulation to your face. Supporting your body in an upside down position will allow gravity to direct more blood toward your face and head. According to Yoga Journal, this "reverse gravity" is believed to improve circulation, respiration, elimination, and increase concentration and mental clarity. If you are new to handstands, use a wall for support. Maintain the position for one to two minutes, or as long as you can. Practice daily to improve blood circulation to your face.

Massage your face regularly to improve blood circulation in your skin. The University of Minnesota notes that massage improves blood and lymph circulation, which can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells. This makes the cells healthier and more efficient. Use both hands to stroke your entire face. Stroke from your forehead, down your cheeks and to your neck. After a few minutes of gentle stroking, use the back of your hand to gently roll your knuckles along your cheeks and across your forehead and chin. Don't use excessive pressure or pull on your skin, just use soft, gentle movements. Give yourself a face massage whenever you need to relax or want to get your blood flowing.