How to Alleviate Hip Pain in Pregnancy by Sleeping on the Side

Hip pain is a common complaint during pregnancy, and most women experience some degree of hip and back pain during the later stages of pregnancy 2. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the best sleeping position during pregnancy is known as "SOS", or "sleep on side." This position may help to reduce hip pain and give you a better night's sleep 12. Even if you're unused to sleeping on your side, you may find that this position is more comfortable than sleeping on your back or stomach.

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Bend your legs while lying on your side. The American Pregnancy Association recommends sleeping on your left side to help increase nutrients and oxygen going to the fetus 1. Put a pillow between your legs and another under your abdominal area to make this position more comfortable.

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Use a full-body support pillow between your legs if the technique above does not work for you. Rest your abdomen on the pillow for extra support and comfort. The pillow helps to relieve some of the strain on your hips and lower back, according to Women's Healthcare Topics 2.

Sleep on a heating pad to help relieve aches and pains in your hips. According to, a heating pad may relieve hip or sciatica pain 4.


Perform some gentle hip stretches before bedtime to help alleviate pain and lengthen your muscles. Gentle stretches such as those used in yoga can be helpful for relieving hip pain. Consult a qualified yoga teacher to learn safe and effective yoga stretches for your hips. Take a warm bath if you're unable to sleep due to hip pain. Warm baths and compresses can be helpful in alleviating hip pain during pregnancy.