How to Sleep in a Knee Brace

When suffering from a sports injury or recovering from a knee surgery, many people find it useful to wear a knee brace while sleeping to reduce the risk of further injury. While you should always ask your doctor if she has any special instructions that will speed your recovery, there are a few basics to safely sleeping with a knee brace.

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Check all straps, hook and loop tapes, and any other tapes on the knee brace to ensure that the brace fits snugly.

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Lie comfortably on your back 1. If you are used to sleeping on your side, you may wish to adjust the number of pillows you are using to keep your back comfortable and completely relaxed.

Stick a pillow or two underneath the ankle and foot of the leg in the knee brace, to elevate it.

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Lay a blanket over yourself, if you wish 1. If you want to keep the brace uncovered, consider using two blankets—one across your chest and one on your free leg.


Never elevate your knee by resting a pillow behind it. Set the pillow only beneath your ankle and foot.