Weight Loss Retreats for Women

Many women struggle with the day-to-day pressures of losing weight. Between work, raising children, keeping house, social engagements and the other business of being a busy woman, healthy eating and regular exercise can fall by the wayside as your weight creeps up. One solution for many women trying to kick-start a healthy living program is to take a vacation at a weight-loss retreat.

What They Offer

Many spas or retreats let you tailor your daily activities to suit how strenuous -- or easy -- you want your retreat to be. Choose anything from classroom lessons on how to read nutrition labels to fitness classes, from long hikes to massages to melt away tension and sore muscles. Even unusual offerings such as life coaching, horseback riding and tarot readings are available at some spas.


According to "USA Today," the expensive, luxury weight-loss spas that used to be the norm are facing stiff competition. Affordable spas that favor fitness education over white-glove treatment are on the rise. While typical weight-loss retreats for women used to average $400 per day, the newer options can cost $200 to $249, including accommodations, all meals and most activities. Long-term options, with stays of up to 12 weeks, are available for women who want to make significant lifestyle changes. These programs, however, can cost up to $25,000.


In addition to dropping a few pounds, which all of these vacations are designed to do, they offer other benefits. Women report returning home more relaxed and feeling like they have new skills to aid them in the battle of the bulge. Through a weight-loss retreat, some women have switched to a vegetarian or other diet, taken up yoga or daily meditation, or learned how better to deal with stress.


Though a week or two at a weight-loss retreat can jump-start a new or stalled diet and exercise plan, it is not a replacement for living a healthy lifestyle. Work healthy foods and fitness into your daily life for long-lasting fitness results. Dedicating a short time each day to your health and diet goals can help you to win the weight-loss race. If this is an ongoing concern for you, investigate programs that offer real-life education, taking women to grocery stores and restaurants and showing them how to make healthy choices a habit.