Weight loss camps are typically hosted in the summer and teach adults, children and teens how to succeed at losing weight. They do this by ensuring that you are in a comfortable setting where you can meet others who know what you are going through while exercising and having fun. Although Ohio has no weight-loss camps, it does offer alternatives, such as fitness boot camps and body-enrichment spas 2. In addition, there are weight-loss clinics a short drive away in contiguous states.

Cleveland-Area Boot Camp

Cleveland Fitness Boot Camp has three locations in Greater Cleveland, and its workouts are led by certified fitness trainers 235. The trainers ensure that participants use the proper form and provide positive motivation. Included in the boot camp is a free nutritional seminar, a nutrition program, body analysis before and after the boot camp and unlimited access to trainers for guidance and support. The boot camp offers a one-week free trial so that you can try it before paying a membership fee.

Columbus Fitness Boot Camp

Yun Fitness Boot Camp has two locations in Ohio 235. One is in downtown Columbus and the other is in Hilliard, just south of Columbus. Jason Yun is the owner and has 11 years of experience as a personal trainer. He is also a strength and conditioning specialist. He will work with you three days a week to teach you how to exercise properly and turn your body into a fat-burning machine. He is so sure of his program that if you don’t lose weight, he will give you your money back.
This boot camp provides four weeks of training, using intervals and circuits, to help you lose weight.

Boot Camp for Women

Cincinnati Adventure is a weight-loss boot camp for women only 3. It focuses on building confidence while helping women shed pounds. The program runs for four weeks, Monday through Friday, and offers instruction by a certified fitness trainer. It accepts all sizes, shapes and abilities. The camp includes various outdoor fitness activities, such as light running, weight training, jumping rope and core training exercises 2. On special days, the group may go on hikes. It also has indoor facilities in case of bad weather.

Body and Mind Enrichment

The Kerr House in the northwestern Ohio community of Grand Rapids, offers various programs, including three- and five-day stays. Activities include an exercise class that includes yoga, aerobic exercises and intensive stretches. The program also covers relaxation techniques, quiet time, outdoor excursions and meals filled with natural foods.

Outside Ohio

Numerous weight-loss camps for kids are in proximity to Ohio. Wellspring Family Camp is in Cedar Lake, Mich., and Wellspring Pennsylvania is in Saltsburg, Pa 4. Some fitness camps are aimed at only children, while others welcome those from childhood all the way through age 65. Although these camps involve some traveling for Ohioans, you may find them worth the trip.