How to Set Up a Taylor Bathroom Scale

As more information becomes available on healthy living, people want to learn more about their health. One measure of health is body fat percentage. The higher the percentage, the worse a person's health. Taylor manufactures bathroom scales that not only measure weight, but also body fat percentage. The accuracy of the body fat percentage measurement is dependent on the accuracy of the information you enter into the scale.

Turn on the scale by pressing the "Set" button. The display screen will show a height.

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Press the up and down arrow buttons to change the height reading so it matches your height and press the "Set" button to save the setting.

Change the age on the screen by pressing the up and down arrow buttons and save the setting by pressing the "Set" button.

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Use the up and down arrow buttons to switch between the male and female setting and press the "Set" button when the correct gender is selected. The male icon is a solid vertical line and the female icon is the same line with a triangle over it.

Choose between "Athlete" mode and "Normal" mode by pressing the up or down arrow button. According to the Taylor scale instruction manual, an athlete is anyone who gets at least 10 hours of exercise per week and has a resting heart rate of 60 beats or less per minute 1. The "Athlete" mode icon shows a running man, and the "Normal" mode has no icon.

Push the "Set" button to finish saving your settings. You will hear a beep, indicating the setup procedure is complete.


The "Athlete" setting cannot be selected if the age entered is less than 18 years.


Make sure the settings you enter are accurate or your body fat analysis will be flawed.