How to Calculate Accurate BMI for Large Frame

Calculating Your BMI

    BMI is an acronym that stands for Body Mass Index. The BMI is a measurement of body fat based on height and weight for adult men and women. Of course, this measurement must be adjusted accordingly for the large framed person to ensure accuracy. Note that the purpose of these measurements is merely to assess healthy parameters for your personal weight management. These numbers do not take into account muscle density or mass which can increase your health and vitality yet contribute to a heavier body weight and reflect a higher BMI.

  1. Write down your current body weight in pounds.

  2. Write down your current height in inches. For example, a person who is 5 feet 3 inches tall has a total height in inches of 63.

  3. Multiply the number in Step 2 by itself. For example if your height is 63 inches: 63 x 63 = 3969

  4. Divide your weight in pounds by the number in Step 3. For example, if you weigh 145 pounds:

    145 ÷ 3969 = 0.036

  5. Multiply the product in Step 4 by 703. For example:

    .036 x 703 = 25.3

Determining Your Frame Size

  1. Use the tape measure to measure your wrist in inches.

  2. Assess your frame size according to the following chart:

    WOMEN Under 5'2" -- Large frame means a wrist size over 5.75" 5'2"-5'5" -- Large frame means a wrist size over 6.25" 5'5" or greater -- Large frame means a wrist size over 6.5"

    MEN: over 5'5" -- Large frame means a wrist size over 7.5"

  3. If you have determined that you have a large frame, add 10 percent. This means that the healthy BMI for a person with a large frame is roughly 23-25.