How to Reset an ACCU-CHEK Meter

An Accu-Chek reader allows people with diabetes to get up-to-the-minute information about their blood sugar levels 1. However, if the time comes when a user needs to reset the meter, it can be done quickly and easily with no special tools. By removing the battery and reinserting it, the meter will reset, giving users a fresh start.

Turn off the meter and remove the panel on the back that protects the battery. The exact location of this panel varies by model, but it is generally found on the lower half of the device. Remove it by pressing up on the panel's tab and then pulling it away from the device.

Remove the battery from the device. This can be done by simply prying it out of its casing, which should be possible to accomplish with just fingertips. If the battery proves difficult to remove, use a thin screwdriver or paper clip to help pry it out.

Wait two to three minutes.

Reinsert the battery and replace the back panel protecting it. Power on the Accu-Chek to make sure it has reset 1.


Resetting the device resets the time and date of the Accu-Chek, but the meter still stores previous test results. The only way to remove older test results is to continue testing, as the meter saves only 200 results at a time.