How to Lose Weight With an Enema

People have been using enemas for weight loss and medical reasons for many centuries. Though the practice fell out of fashion in the last century, in recent years enemas have yet again become popular due to enthusiastic celebrity endorsements. Among others, Howard Stern, Britney Spears and Courtney Love claim that enemas are effective treatments for weight loss, detoxification and other conditions. According to the website, "you can lose up to 15 pounds of weight in an hour by losing human waste from an enema. 1"

How to Use Enemas

Determine which type of enema is right for you. There are many different types of enemas out there. Buy your chosen enema kit.

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Set aside an hour for your enema use. Eat and drink lightly before, as you are going to massage your abdomen after having inserted your enema. Try to empty your bowels by yourself before inserting your enema for maximum effect.

Prepare the enema. Do not use water that is too hot or too cold--102 degrees is recommended. Install the hose, the clamp and the tip onto the enema bag. Lubricate the tip so it will insert easily.

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Lubricate your anus with a lubricant. Lie down on your back for your first enema, knees bent and together, feet wide apart for easy access. Do not sit on toilet as the enema will fall out. This way you can watch the bag slowly deflate, and you can watch the abdomen expand as the water enters the colon. Relax and let the water flow inside you. If you cramp, massage your stomach. Try to hold the enema a few minutes.

When it is time to evacuate, walk over to the toilet with the tube still in place. Wait until you are in a position to evacuate before you remove the tube. Take a deep breath and let your waste leave you.


While you can use regular water for your enema, it is best to use filtered water. Tap water is not recommended because it has numerous chemicals and inorganic substances present, such as chlorine, that may irritate your bowels.

Try to do your first enema with a partner, as you may want to switch positions while your enema is working. It may be easier if an experienced partner inserts your first enema and massages your stomach.


Do not use enemas too often. Once a year is recommended. Realize that enemas should primarily be used for detoxification and colon cleansing--which generally results in weight loss--not as a way to lose weight.

  • Determine which type of enema is right for you.
  • Try to empty your bowels by yourself before inserting your enema for maximum effect.