How to Inflate an Ankle Air Cast

Typically the treatment for an ankle fracture includes a short leg cast or removable brace. Air casts are a proven brace for most kinds of ankle injuries. Different products from their ankle line give different types of support. The XP Walker is a short-leg brace that you can inflate to give your ankle the proper support for it to heal from a fracture or edema, which is swelling caused by fluids in your tissues. By following the manufacturer's instructions you can easily inflate the ankle air cast to heal faster and better than with a traditional cast.

Unfasten the straps to your XP Walker to prepare the brace for your ankle. Remove the front panel, toe cover and foot flaps.

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Ask a helper to place the provided sock over your injured ankle and leg, just below your knee. Sit on a chair while putting on the sock and the brace.

Put your injured leg into the open brace. The heel should touch against the back of the brace. Wrap the foot flaps and toe cover into position. Place the lower front panel inside the brace on top of your foot. Place the upper front panel outside the brace on the shin. Secure the straps from bottom to top.

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Insert the "Inflate" side tip of the provided hand bulb into the brace valve of the front panel first with one hand. With your other hand, cover the pressure relief valve on the bulb with your pointer finger. This is the small button near the tip of the hand bulb. Squeeze the bulb several times until the aircell inside the brace fells snug against the leg. Keep the hand bulb in place while you let go of the pressure-relief valve for 3 to 5 seconds. Remove the hand bulb.

Insert the tip of the hand bulb into valve near the ankle on the inside of the leg. Repeat the covering of the relief pressure valve and squeezing the bulb until it feels snug. Release the relief pressure valve 3 to 5 seconds before taking the bulb out. The next valve to inflate is on the opposite side of the ankle on the outside of the brace. Repeat the process. The last valve to inflate is the back of the brace. Repeat the inflating process.


To deflate, insert the hand bulb on the "Deflate" tip and squeeze a few times.

For higher pressure in the brace, remove the bulb sooner after releasing the relief pressure valve.

Higher pressure in the ankle brace is more comfortable when standing and lower pressure in the brace is more comfortable when sitting or laying down.


The proper order is important for inflating your ankle air cast properly.

Do not over-inflate; you might damage the brace.

Always seek medical attention before diagnosing and giving your self any medical treatment.

If the brace causes irritation, seek medical attention.