Homemade Night Splint

Immobilizing the wrist and hand at night with a splint is an effective way to prevent additional injury as a result of conditions such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains and fractures. Immobilization while you're asleep can be achieved using a homemade splint. It is easy and inexpensive to make, and can be just as effective as a manufactured splint.

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Cut off the toe end of the sock with the scissors. Put the sock aside.

How to Wrap a Pulled Quad With Athletic Tape

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Tape 2 Popsicle stick ends together to make one rigid strip. Allow them to overlap for about an inch. Repeat using the other two Popsicle sticks to make a second rigid strip. Lay both strips side by side, then tape them together to make one single wider strip.

Put your hand into the sock so your fingers protrude from the cut hole at the toe end. Tape the sock closed between the thumb and pointer finger to keep it from slipping backward.

How to Wrap Achilles Tendon

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Wrap your hand and wrist with a compression bandage 1. Start at the wrist and make two turns, then bring the bandage up and around your hand between the hand and thumb. Wrap the bandage once around the hand, between the thumb, then back down the opposite side of the hand with which you first started. Wrap it around the wrist again. Return wrapping on the side you just came from to ensure cross-wrapping. Cross-wrap the hand in this manner so that approximately 20 inches of the compression bandage remains hanging free.

Lay the Popsicle strip on the back of your hand. Allow the strip to straddle evenly over your wrist so that half of it is over your forearm and the other half is over your hand.

Continue cross-wrapping the compression bandage around your wrist and hand to enclose the Popsicle strip. Make sure the bandage is not so tight that it restricts blood flow. The end of the compression bandage can be taped to hold it closed, or you can use a Velcro strap, elastic strap or other closure means supplied with the bandage.


Use additional tape to ensure the Popsicle strip is secured to the wrapping.


Make sure there is no allergy to the surgical tape. Otherwise, substitute hypoallergenic adhesive tape.