Can You Detox the Liver With Lemon and Olive Oil?

Detox diets have gained popularity, with one of the reasons being celebrity proponents of one detox diet or another, according to "Fitness" magazine 1. However, Jason Blatner, of the American Dietetic Association, says your body is capable of removing toxins without the help of detox diets. The lemon and olive oil cleanse is a simple cleanse you can do at home with common household ingredients. It’s designed to help your body get rid of the toxins and pollutants that accumulate in your liver.

Prepare yourself for the cleanse. Eat as many organic apples as you can and drink at least a quart of fresh organic apple juice for three days prior to your cleanse. It’s better to buy organic apples and make the apple juice yourself, according to staff.

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Wash organic lemons thoroughly and squeeze the juice out. Strain the lemon juice through a strainer to separate the seeds. Squeeze enough lemons for a half cup.

Measure a half cup of extra-virgin organic olive oil that’s at room temperature.

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Mix the extra-virgin olive oil with an equal amount of lemon juice and blend, just before you go to bed. Alternatively, pour both ingredients in a bottle or jar and shake thoroughly.

Drink the mixture immediately, otherwise the olive oil and lemon juice may separate. Try to avoid consuming solid foods throughout the day. Opt for herbal teas, vegetable broth and water to stave off hunger.

Lie down for around 30 minutes. This will help if you are feeling nauseous after drinking the olive oil and lemon mixture.

Drink a cup of herbal laxative tea in the morning followed by a glass of prune juice to stimulate bowel movements.