How to Cleanse the Colon With Sea Salt

As part of a colon cleansing program, you can perform a saltwater flush. The sea salt and water mixture acts as an enema and stimulates bowel movements. A salt water flush is recommended as part of the Master Cleanse detox diet, but keep in mind that colon cleansing is not proven to be a medically necessary and should be done only with a doctor’s approval. According to the Mayo Clinic, colon cleansing is not needed because the body naturally gets rid of waste.

Mix the sea salt and room-temperature water. Blend thoroughly before you drink the concoction.

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Take a small sip of the sea salt and water drink. You should be able to taste the salt. If it tastes like plain water, add another ½ tsp. of sea salt.

Drink the entire contents of the mixture. Try to consume it as quickly as possible since it has a very unpleasant taste. Keep mixing it while you drink to stop the sea salt from settling on the bottom of the glass.

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Lie on your side in a fetal position. Wait a few minutes before you use the bathroom once you have the urge. Once you start going to the bathroom, you can expect to have an average of three to seven bowel movements, according to the Master website. Since the sea salt and water is not digestible, the entire contents of the drink will be expelled.

Repeat the salt water flush daily for approximately one week. If you are doing the Master Cleanse, the flush is done daily until you stop following the diet, an average of four to 14 days.


Remember to drink plenty of water before and after doing the cleanse using sea salt. This is important for proper hydration.

Plan to use the sea salt colon cleansing remedy in the morning. Morning is preferable since you don’t want your bowel movements to interrupt your sleep.


Warning: There are health risks associated with the sea salt flush, so be sure to follow the directions exactly and avoid this treatment if you have weak kidneys, high blood pressure, a heart-related problem, edema, diabetes or stomach/intestinal disease. For children under the age of 12, consult your doctor before administrating this treatment.