How to Make an Enema Bag

Enemas are used for cleansing the bowels to relieve constipation and for maintaining colon health. Some people take an enema as a form of pleasure. If you don't have a store-bought enema bag when the need arises for an enema, you can make one yourself.

Securely slide the medical tubing over the extruding-tip end of the pastry bag. Be sure that the tubing covers the entire length of the extruding tip of the pastry bag so the solution doesn't leak during delivery of the enema.

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Secure the hard plastic drinking straw onto the bottom end of the medical tubing. This is the end of the tubing that will be used inside the rectum during administration of the enema. Clamp the straw firmly in place with the small hose clamp to ensure there is no leaking.

Carefully check all the assembly points of the homemade enema bag. If the medical tubing or drinking straw is loose, be sure to tighten them before filling the enema bag with solution.

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Test the enema bag by filling it with water. Don't administer an enema with the enema bag at this time. Simply test the flow through the tubing by filling the bag with warm water to ensure that there are no leaks. That way, you won't waste any solution when you administer the actual enema.


Avoid using harsh chemicals, such as heavy soaps. alcohol and peroxide, in your enema solution. These types of chemicals can cause severe and irreversible damage to the delicate skin and tissue of the rectum and the colon. Avoid using enemas too frequently. Frequent usage of enemas can cause you to become dependent on them for any bowel movement.