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How to Increase Pressure in an Elkay Drinking Fountain

Starting out in 1920 as a family owned, three-person shop in Chicago's Near North Side, Elkay originally produced high quality sinks. In 1969, the company began producing water coolers, and continues to sell a line of kitchen products including water coolers, cabinets and decorative surfaces. At some point, it may become necessary to increase the water pressure in an Elkay drinking fountain. Fortunately, doing so takes just a few moments.

Locate the push button on the front of the drinking fountain 2. This contains a regulator screw. Place a small screwdriver in the hole of the button and turn the screw clockwise to increase the pressure and raise the stream height. Ideally, the stream should hit the basin of the fountain about 6 1/2 inches from the drinking spout with a stream height about one inch above the bubbler guard 2. The bubbler guard has an "L" shape, and sits over the water spigot to protect the face of the person drinking.

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Press the push button to open the valve in the water pipes and test the flow. The Elkay drinking fountain functions with water pressure of 20 to 105 pounds per square inch (PSI) through an in-line flow regulator, which provides a constant stream of water when you press the valve button.

Remove any mineral deposits from the drinking spout, if the water spurts out of the fountain or does not flow consistently. Use a small wire or round file, about 1/8 inch in diameter, to clear out any deposits that block water flow.