How to Make an Alcohol Ice Pack

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Ice packs help alleviate pain, bruising, swelling and muscle spasms stemming from sprains and minor injuries. Making your own ice packs lets you save money and ensures you'll have ice packs on hand when needed. Filling ice packs with rubbing alcohol is a good option because the alcohol does not fully freeze. This allows the ice pack to adjust its shape to the body part on which you place the pack.

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Mix water and rubbing alcohol in a large bowl. Measure two parts water to one part rubbing alcohol.

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Label the outside of a freezer bag with a marker so you'll always know that there's alcohol in the bag.

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Pour your mixture into the freezer bag until it's filled about halfway. Remove as much air as possible from the bag before it's sealed.

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Place the sealed freezer bag inside another freezer bag to minimize leaks. Seal the second bag.

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Put the bag in the freezer for at least three hours.

Store the ice pack in the freezer until it's needed.


Add more alcohol to your ice pack mixture to increase the bag's pliability. Conversely, use less alcohol for a more rigid ice pack.

Reuse the ice pack by refreezing it. The pack should last, as long as the bag remains intact.


Do not apply an ice pack directly to your skin. Use a towel to separate your skin from the ice pack.