Sapporo Beer Calories

Sapporo is a popular brewing company out of Tokyo, Japan. The American beer, Sapporo Premium, is a lager available throughout the country. Sapporo Premium has 4.9 percent alcohol by volume, which is right at average for beer and gives it a calorie count typical of regular beer.


A 12-oz. bottle of beer typically has 153 calories, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Each 12.2-oz serving of Sapporo Premium beer has 140 calories. As is typical of beer, Sapporo is fat-free and has no calories from fat.

Calories From Carbohydrates

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One g of carbohydrates has four calories. With more than 10 g of carbohydrates, a 12 oz. Sapporo beer has more than 40 calories from carbohydrates.

Calories From Protein

Each gram of protein has four calories, according to MedlinePlus. A bottle of Sapporo Premium has more than 1 g of protein, giving it almost six calories from protein.