Bitburger Beer Calories

Bitburger is a German beer brand imported to America by the Bitburger Import Company of Venice, Florida. The label is owned by the German-based Bitburger Braugruppe, which manufacturers four other traditional German beers.


Bitburger is a pilsener, which is defined by Beeradvocate as a gold-colored, medium-bodied beer that uses hops to provide a unique flavor.

Bitburger Premium

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Bitburger Premium is the flagship beer of the brand. The manufacturer estimates that there are 41 calories per 100 milliliters, or 3.38 oz. One 12-oz. bottle contains 3.55 servings, which is approximately 145.55 calories per bottle.

Bitburger Drive

Drive is the Bitburger brand's line of non-alcoholic beers. While the premium variety is widely distributed throughout the U.S., Drive has a more limited reach. Drive is 0.0 percent alcohol by volume and contains 26 calories per 100mL, which equals 92.3 calories per bottle.