How Many Calories Are in Guinness Alcohol?

Guinness is an Irish stout and was first brewed at St James’ Gate Brewery in Dublin in 1759. It is made from four ingredients: barley, hops, water and yeast. A bottle of Guinness contains fewer than 150 calories.

Nutritional Information

According to the Fat Secret website, a 12-oz. bottle of Draught Guinness contains 125 calories. The bottle also provides 9.8 g of carbohydrate and 1 g of protein. If you opt for a bottle of Extra Stout, you will consume 176 calories; if you choose Malta Guinness you will consume 64 calories per 3.3-oz. serving.

The Brewing Process

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Before Guinness can be brewed the grains must be milled. The milled grains are mixed with hot water and then sieved. The resulting liquid is boiled and fermented before being left to mature.

Availability of Guinness

Draught Guinness is sold in bars around the world. You can also purchase bottles or cans of Guinness to enjoy at home.