Nutritional Information for a 10 Oz. Miller Lite

Miller Lite claims to be "the original lite beer." A lite or light beer aims to provide a refreshing beer with fewer calories than a regular beer. A pale lager, Miller Lite is even lighter nutritionally than most domestic lite beers, since it is lower in calories and carbohydrates.

Few Calories

Ten ozs. of Miller Lite has less than 100 calories. It comes in at just 80 calories. This is less than the number of calories than most beverages, which typically have more than 100 calories in 8 ozs. The calories are grain based but come from malt sugar.

Light Beers on Average

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An average light beer has nine calories per ounce, primarily from carbohydrates. Thus, 10 ozs. of the average light beer contain 90 calories. Miller Lite has fewer calories than most light beers including Coors Light (85 calories per 10 ozs.), Bud Light (92 calories per 10 ozs.), and Keystone Lite (87 calories per 10 ozs.).

Mostly Water

Miller Lite is made up of primarily water. In 10 ozs., it has almost 280 g of water. Also, Miller Lite is 4.2 percent alcohol by volume. The yeast added eats the barley malt sugar to create the alcohol. Hops are used as a flavorant and natural preservative.

Carbs and Some Protein

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Miller Lite's calories come from carbohydrates. It has 2.67 g of carbs in 10 ozs. All of these carbs are sugar. There is also a little less than 1 g of protein. The fat content is 0 g, and there is a tiny bit of sodium with 4 mg per 10 ozs.