How to Clear the Memory on My Blood Pressure Monitor

As with many technological devices, blood pressure monitors offer numerous functions that might not be easily discernible without instructions. The displays on them don't always have enough room to completely spell out each function, so they are abbreviated with symbols. Many blood pressure monitors store up to 60 blood pressure measurements in their memories. You often do not need so many measurements bogging down your memory. If you’d like to clear the memory on your blood pressure monitor, you can easily do so.

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Press your blood pressure monitor’s memory (M) button.

Hold the memory button of your blood pressure monitor down for 5 seconds.

Release the memory button when the memory symbol (M) flashes on the display and then disappears, indicating that the memory has been cleared.


Check to see if any measurements are stored on your blood pressure monitor’s memory by quickly pressing and releasing the memory (M) button.


Any stored measurements will automatically be lost on most blood pressure monitors if you remove the batteries or the batteries become low.