How to Calibrate the One Touch Ultra Diabetes Monitor

An individual with diabetes must check his or her blood sugar level several times a day. One machine a diabetic can use to check his blood sugar is the One Touch Ultra. As with other blood glucose meters, you may have to calibrate the device either before your first use or if the it begins to malfunction. Calibrating the One Touch Ultra is a fairly simple procedure that only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Find the code on the side of the test strip container. You will find the word “Code” on the label with a number written underneath the word. This is the code you need to calibrate the meter.

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Turn off the meter. Insert a clean test strip into the meter, with the arrow pointing inward. Push the strip in all the way until it stops. Be careful not to bend the strip.

Wait for three dashes to flash across the screen.

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Press the “C” button on the monitor after the three dashes appear. Continue pressing the C button until the number on the screen matches the code number on the test strip bottle. Since the number on the screen goes up by one every time you press the button, this may take a few moments.

Wait three seconds or until a “teardrop” icon appears. When that icon flashes on the screen, the One Touch Ultra has been calibrated and is ready for use.


If a number appears on the screen when you place the test strip into the monitor, it has already been calibrated. If the number on the screen doesn't match the code number for the test strips, press the "C" button until the two numbers match. If the "teardrop" icon doesn't appear on the screen a few seconds after you have matched the number on the screen with the code number, your monitor is malfunctioning. Call customer service at (800) 227-8862.