Proform 535X Treadmill Specs

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The ProForm 535X is a motorized, residential treadmill. It was manufactured in 2003 by ProForm and sold through Sears department stores. The 535X originally retailed for around $535. It has many advanced features, such as iFit technology and heart rate control programs. This model is no longer available new. You may find used models online or at garage sales.


The 535X is a foldable treadmill. You lift the walking deck and secure the treadmill in a vertical position with the locking tabs. You can then roll the unit on its wheels to a storage area. The 535X can handle user weights up to 250 lbs.


The ProForm 535X has a speed range of 0 to 10 mph. The console offers 10 quick speed buttons. Press the button of the desired speed setting and the treadmill will automatically adjust the belt speed. The ramp inclines from 0 to 10 percent. You adjust the incline using two buttons on the console. Every time you press a button, the ramp changes by 0.5 percent.


The 535X offers four built-in programs and two heart rate control programs. Choose one of the four preprogrammed workouts and the treadmill will automatically adjust the speed and incline settings for you. Select one of the heart rate control programs and the 535X will automatically adjust the speed and incline settings to keep your heart rate within a specified target heart rate zone.


The console provides feedback about various components of your workout. It displays the elapsed time, approximate total calories burned, approximate fat calories burned, incline, speed and distance covered. The console also displays a 1/4-mile track that charts your progress.

iFit Technology

You can connect the ProForm 535X treadmill to your CD player. Purchase iFit workout CDs separately. A virtual personal trainer guides you through each step of your workout, offering motivation and instruction. The 535X will automatically adjust the speed and incline settings. The treadmill will beep to alert you that the incline or speed is about to change.