Precor Treadmill 9.25i Features

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Precor has never marketed its treadmills on a range of glitzy features -- instead, the company has built a reputation built on quality and performance. With an MSRP of $2,999 in 1999, the now-discontinued Precor 9.25i treadmill didn't come cheap. But it still provided enough niceties to win an "Overall Excellence in Customer Satisfaction" award in a poll conducted by the American Council on Exercise and Harris Black International.

Basic Design

The 9.25i contains the same functional design elements you can find on almost any quality treadmill. These include sturdy handlebars you can hold onto for extra balance, a water bottle cage mounted near the electronic console, and a magnetic safety key. Removing the safety key quickly disables the treadmill in case of emergency or to keep small children from accidentally activating it.

Shock-absorbing Running Deck

The 9.25i is designed to cushion the impact of your feet hitting the treadbelt. The shock-absorbing springs reduce impact and control lateral motion across the entire running area, not just its center. The treadmill also comes with Integrated Footplant Technology, which allows slight variations in belt speed to better mimic the rhythm of your natural walking or running stride.

Workout Features

As with most treadmills, you can control the 9.25i's speed and incline manually with push-button controls. It also comes with five pre-programmed workout courses, including interval workouts, a random workout course, a fitness test, a heart rate control program, a calorie-burn-maximizing weight-loss program and two customizable workouts you can program and save for later use.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Precor 9.25i is compatible with wireless chest strap heart rate monitors; the chest strap itself was an optional accessory when purchasing the treadmill. Wet the monitor's electrodes and place it high beneath your chest muscles. The treadmill will display your heart rate on the digital console along with a color-coded graph that indicates where you are in relation to your target heart rate range based on data you entered into the treadmill. If you're using the chest strap during the Cardiovascular Course, Fitness Test or Weight Loss programs, the treadmill will take your heart rate into account as it adjusts speed and incline throughout the workout.