What Heart Monitors Work With Nordic Track Treadmills?

All Nordic Track treadmills provide a way to monitor your heart rate. Most models come equipped with a wireless or built-in heart rate monitoring system. Nordic Track also offers an additional accessory you may use in monitoring your heart rate. Use only Nordic Track accessories or provided heart rate monitoring products; other products, not sold or provided by Nordic Track, may not provide accurate results.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

The wireless heart rate monitor continuously monitors your heart rate and transmits the readings to your treadmill's console. While compatible with most Nordic Track treadmills, you will need to consult your treadmill user's manual or contact Nordic Track customer service to verify compatibility. Purchase Nordic Track's wireless hands-free heart rate monitor model; other brands are likely not compatible. Nordic Track does not typically provide this accessory when you purchase a Nordic Track treadmill.

Built-in Handlebar Sensors

On some Nordic Track treadmill models, you'll find built-in handlebar sensors. These sensors require you grip the handles with clean hands. Stand on the belt, holding the contacts and avoid moving your hands to receive an accurate reading as soon as the machine detects your pulse. Hold the contacts for at least 15 seconds to monitor if the heart rate reading stays fairly consistent. The heart rate appears on the console display.

Chest Pulse Sensor

Nordic Track offers a chest pulse sensor with some treadmill models. Wrap the sensor tightly around your chest underneath your clothing. Wet the electrodes on the strap to activate the sensor; the sensor only provides a reading when the electrodes are wet. Position the chest pulse sensor appropriately or it may not operate properly. Center yourself in the middle of the treadmill. Operation of the chest pulse sensor may be affected by medical conditions including premature ventricular contractions, tachycardia bursts and arrhythmia or magnetic interference caused by power lines, televisions, radios, telephones or other electrical sources.