What Heart Monitors Work With the Precor Elliptical Machines?

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When it comes to choosing your mode of aerobic exercise, elliptical machines provide you with certain advantages, explains MayoClinic.com. Some of these include getting an effective aerobic workout while placing little stress on your knees, back and hips. Precor is one of the largest elliptical machine makers in the United States and the company offers many features on its treadmills that can help improve your workout's effectiveness. One feature you can get is a receiver and display that work with Polar brand heart rate monitors.

Transmitter Only

Complete Polar heart rate monitors come with a chest strap and wrist watch display. The chest strap actually monitors your heart rate and transmits the information to the watch your wear on your wrist which displays it. If you plan to just use your heart rate monitor with your Precor elliptical machine, you don't need a complete heart rate monitor—just the chest strap transmitter will do.

The T31 and T31-coded transmitters are two options for you to consider. These both detect your heart rate and are electrocardiogram accurate, according to Polar. They are waterproof, and should last for up to 2,500 hours of use. The main difference is that the coded transmitter is not susceptible to interference from other signals in the immediate area and while the uncoded T31 is.

Polar WearLink

The Polar WearLink+ 31 coded transmitter is another transmitter-only option you can use with your Precor elliptical machine. Made from a soft material, the WearLink chest strap feels much smoother on your skin than the rubber T31. The soft material also readily conforms to your body, which makes for a comfortable fit. The user replaceable battery also differentiates this device from the standard T31 transmitter.

Complete Heart Rate Monitors

You can also purchase a complete Polar heart rate monitor. This allows you to use it with your Precor elliptical machine and also in other activities. These complete models offer a wide range of features and prices. You should only purchase a heart-rate monitor with options that you are confident you will use; adding unnecessary features just increases the price and makes the device more difficult to master. Some of the basic complete heart rate monitors Polar offers include the FT2, FT1 and FS3c.