What Qualifies as a Statement Necklace?

There are tons of ways to show your style. One of these ways is with a statement necklace. Statement necklaces are named such because they really do make a statement. Picking out your statement necklace doesn't have to be tough. There are plenty of different styles of this trend, but identifying a statement necklace is simple once you know what to look for.


Statement necklaces are easy to identify because they're chunky, unique and attention-grabbing. They come in a bevy of styles from metallic necklaces and jeweled pieces to colorful neck pieces and beaded baubles. The most important thing to note is that statement necklaces are meant to be the main, defining piece of your outfit. They're supposed to be interesting and draw attention to your chest area -- all while spicing up your outfit. Therefore, any necklace that falls under this vast definition can be called a statement necklace.

How to Wear Them

Statement necklaces can be dressed up just as easily as they're dressed down. Try yours with a cocktail dress for a night out; during the day, a statement necklace looks perfectly chic with a simple tee or tank top and jeans. The cool thing about statement necklaces is they can be worn with simple looks, acting as the focal point of your outfit. Slip yours on over a basic look to instantly add a stylish punch.

Picking the Necklace for You

If you're looking for your first statement necklace, start with a straightforward metal piece. An oversized, chunky link chain works with almost anything in your closet. It can fit more like a choker or come in longer lengths depending on your preference. Metal necklaces with big pendants are also a chic option. If you're more daring, try a colored necklace, which adds a pop to a neutral-colored wardrobe but can also add spice to simple prints.

Wearing Your Necklace

Because your necklace is making a statement, make sure the rest of your accessories stay muted. Don't load up on bangles, rings and oversized earrings that will make you look overly accessorized. Simple, delicate jewelry complements your necklace without overwhelming your look. Studs or simple hoops and a basic bracelet are all you need to complement a stunning statement necklace.