How to Use Instant Face-Lift Tape

Instant face-lift tape sounds too good to be true 1. In a nutshell, you apply it to your forehead to pull the skin up for a smoother appearance. While reviews are fairly mixed for the results, knowing how to use the product properly can increase your chances of a good result. You can purchase instant face-lift tape from a pharmacy, and the packaging should include pictures to help you understand how to apply it to your face for the best possible results.

Wash your face carefully with an oil-free face wash before applying. Any oil or makeup on your face will cause the piece of tape to not grip well and possibly slide off. Make sure that your skin is clean and very dry before you apply the tape.

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Choose the location where you'd like to apply the tape. Gathering up your loose skin and pulling it up can help show you the best place to put the tape. You'll need to place it near your hairline to keep it hidden, so above the ear is usually a good choice, especially for sagging around the eyes and cheeks.

Apply the tape to one side of your face and press down firmly. Wrap the attached string around the back of your head and hide it under your hair.

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Apply the second piece of tape to the other side, adjusting if necessary 1. Pull the string around your head, and find the hook to the other piece of tape, hidden under the hair. Hook the two anchors together to create a secure pull on the tape around your head. This is the force that will pull your face back for an instant face-lift 1.

Style your hair carefully to keep the instant face-lift tape strings hidden 1. It's best to wear your hair down, as you'll need to hide them on the back of your head as well as around your temples where the actual tape is.


Remove the instant face-lift tape at the end of the night by peeling it away.