How to Keep Your Hair From Getting Into Your Eyes While Playing Basketball

Women basketball players must be constantly concerned with keeping their hair out of their eyes while playing. Some men also have long hair that requires attention during games. Hair that is constantly flopping in a player's face is a distraction and a nuisance that can hurt performance. Get a handle on your hair easily using a variety of methods.

Bring your long hair together in the back and form a simple ponytail. Wrap an elastic or rubber band around the end of your hair, double wrapping it to form a secure hold. The resulting ponytail keeps strands of your hair from dangling in your face during a basketball game.

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Part your hair in the back into two even sections and create double braids. Secure one section with a rubber band while you braid the other. Create three strands of hair in the section and continue braiding them until just a small 1- or 2-inch portion remains. Secure this completed braid with an elastic band and complete the same braid with the other section.

Use a hairband to keep your hair in place. Hairbands are typically elastic bands that conform to your hair. Slide the hairband to the top of your forehead at the beginning of your hairline or just above. Wrap the hairband around your hair in a comfortable position that holds your hair.

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Use a headband to keep your in place. Slide the headband to the middle or top of the forehead. The other end of the headband encompasses your hair in the back. A headband doubles as a sweat absorber, giving it two valuable uses.


Ask a friend or teammate to create braids for your hair if you are having trouble creating them yourself. Match hairband and headband colors to your team uniform colors. Some teams may require you to do so in order to maintain uniformity. If you cannot find a comfortable way to hold you hair, consider a shorter haircut during basketball season.