How to Add Olive Oil to Shampoo

Olive oil, prized for centuries for its health and beauty benefits, is gentle and effective for treating a baby's scalp, according to CNN Health. An olive oil shampoo made with castile soap, which also includes olive oil, is included in Los Angeles County's list of alternative products as one of many options to reduce the use of chemicals in the home. Adding olive oil to your shampoo will leave your hair silky. With the aid of a kitchen funnel, add olive oil to your favorite shampoo for an instant boost to your hair care regimen.

Insert a funnel into the neck of an empty shampoo bottle.

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Measure 1 cup of shampoo and pour it into the funnel. Making a small batch allows you to adjust the proportions of shampoo and olive oil to suit your hair type.

Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil if you have normal hair. Use 1 tablespoon for oily hair or fine hair. This will give you the conditioning effect of olive oil without the risk of making your hair oily or weighing it down. For dry hair, add 1/4 cup of olive oil to your shampoo. The larger amount of olive oil will also help condition dyed, permed or swimmer's hair.

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Close the bottle securely and shake the olive oil shampoo gently to mix it.

Keep your olive oil shampoo in a cool, dark place such as a lower bathroom cabinet, to help keep the olive oil fresh.

Shake the olive oil shampoo gently before using. Shampoo your hair as usual and rinse with warm water.


Avoid using hot water on your hair. Hot water strips natural oils from your hair and scalp and will counteract the conditioning effect of your olive oil shampoo. If you don't have a funnel, roll a sheet of paper into a cone. Insert the small end of the paper cone into the neck of the shampoo bottle. This will help you pour olive oil into the shampoo bottle without the risk of spilling. If you spill olive oil on a rug, carpet or other plush surface, scrape the excess off with a butter knife. Don't rub the spill, as that will drive the oil deeper into the fibers.


Use an unbreakable bottle for your olive oil shampoo to avoid the risk of injury from broken glass in the shower. Clean up any spilled olive oil or shampoo immediately to reduce the risk of injury from slipping in it.