Is Baby Lotion Good for Your Hair?

Fact Checked

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Running baby lotion through your hair can make it seem extra soft and shiny. Adding a little baby lotion to your tresses can relieve heat damage and get rid of fly-away hairs. Going overboard and dabbing a large amount on your head can give you an undesirable greasy look. Before changing up your hair-care routine, talk with a professional stylist. She can recommend products specifically designed for your hair texture and color.

Hair Types

Combing baby lotion through your hair might be more beneficial for some hair types than others. If you have fine hair that falls flat after blow-drying, you might experience greasy hair after adding baby lotion. Even a small amount of baby lotion weighs hair down and can minimize body in fine hair, making it seem dull and listless. Having thick coarse hair, such as African-American or Asian-hair types, increases your need for added moisture. In this case, rubbing baby lotion on your palms and dabbing it on your locks helps add moisture, making your hair more manageable.

Baby Lotion

If your hair is free from dye, perm, relaxer or other chemicals, the first ingredient in your hair-care products should be water, explains the Harvard School of Public Health. Many baby lotions include water as the first ingredient on the list, which means it has the highest concentration of all the ingredients. Water-based products, such as baby lotion, won't make your hair greasy or dry it out. Chemically treated hair might require something heavier, such as an oil-based type of lotion, in order for your dry hair to absorb all the moisture. Read the ingredient list on your favorite bottle of baby lotion to determine if it is water-based or oil-based.

How Much

Baby lotion can replace any styling products you normally use. Dab a small quarter-size amount of baby lotion on your palms and apply it to your ends after a shower. After normal blow-drying and styling, run your fingers through your hair and see how it feels. If your hair feels dry after adding a small amount of baby lotion, add a little more next time you wash your hair. Putting on baby lotion while your hair is still wet allows it to soak up the moisture. Adding lotion after your hair is dry causes the lotion to sit on the hair follicles, weighing your hair down.

Negative Effects

Even though putting baby lotion in your hair can add moisture and make your hair softer, too much can make your hair greasy. Keep baby lotion away from your scalp. Too much moisture at the root of your hair growth can weigh it down dramatically. Avoid using baby lotion to treat dandruff. A dry flaky scalp might be a sign of a skin condition, and baby lotion might aggravate it. Opt for baby lotions free of colors and fragrances. These ingredients might dry out your hair and interact with hair dye.